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Qasir POS
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Easiest way to keep your bookkeeping.

Record your sales and transactions  in one place
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Track your growth anytime, anywhere.

Get a hold of your business’ progress whenever, wherever you want in an easy-to-use app.
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Be a pro with Qasir Pro

All the insights and tools you need to take your business management to the next level.
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Business Management Made Easy

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Point of Sales

User-friendly interface and easy navigation for less training.


Check your sales report and manage your products anywhere.

Sales Report

Easily sort your sales by category, item, or payment type.

Staff Management

Fuss-free employee management with tools that work for everyone.

Paperless Receipt

Send receipts straight to e-mails. Go paperless, go green.

Unlimited Products

Product management with unlimited number and limited effort.

Frequently asked questions

Is Qasir really free?
Yes, Qasir is providing free services to all business owners, especially those who are aspiring to grow their business with minimum expenses.
How long can I use Qasir for free?
You can use Qasir for free forever as it is not a trial. However, there is a certain limited time for you to access reports and the advanced features. If you choose to subscribe to our paid features, you will be able to use all Qasir features for an unlimited time.
What are the differences between the free and paid features?
Qasir provides basic features like product and inventory management, transactions history, and reporting. The paid features will give you access to advanced and comprehensive options, which include unlimited number of detailed reporting and staff management.
What are the devices compatible with Qasir?
Qasir can be used on all Android-operated devices with Lollipop 5.0 and above, as well as on Android-operated POS devices.
Can I use Qasir while offline?
Yes, you can still conduct transactions while offline. But, it is important to sync your updates as soon as you get back online.