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Let's be part of #PanduJuang to help micro-businesses through providing affordable technology.

Available Positions

Freelance Mitra Qasir Daerah


Perks of Being #PanduJuang Qasir

Remote Working

Qasir is switching all activities to online, flexible working hours and focusing on the result, and maximizing technology.

Productivity and Engagement

Budaya dan tempat kerja yang menyenangkan, dengan suasana kekeluargaan.

Communication and Technology

Qasir encourage their employees to use async-first communication. The goal of picking an async form of communication is not to replace sync working, but rather optimize it to make remote workplaces more efficient.

Management and Leadership

Qasir realizes that employees have a voice and when they are valued by their employers, they would feel better connected with each others and company values.

Alignment and Professional Development

Qasir also ensures the development of their talents.

Encourages Women Empowerment

Almost 50% of all Qasir employees are female. Not just regular staff, those women occupied important positions.

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